Intermediate Care Facilities

Some individuals with developmental disabilities prefer to receive their services in a group setting funded by Medicaid called an Intermediate Care Facility (ICF). ICFs are licensed by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities to be operated by a specific provider in a specific location. There are 2 ICFs in Holmes County and hundreds in the State. To learn more go here. To see where there are vacancies, go here.

The Holmes County Dental Clinic

The HCTC Dental Clinic provides basic, high quality dental services to individuals with disabilities, Head Start children, and others who request our services. The Dental Clinic was started with a donation from the Graven family. Holmes County is the only County Board of DD program in Ohio which operates a dental clinic, although no local tax dollars are used to support the dental clinic. The clinic accepts Medicaid, BCMH, insurance, private pay and a reduced fee for those who qualify. For more information, call the Dental Clinic at (330) 674-0075.

The Holmes County Board of Developmental Disabilities Special Needs Library

The Holmes County Board of Developmental Disabilities Special Needs Library, founded in 2007 with a grant from the State of Ohio Library Board and funding from the Holmes County Association for Handicapped Citizens, is connected to the Holmes County District Public Library. The library houses books that are disability related and educational toys. The Holmes County Association for Handicapped Citizens uses proceeds from the Spring Festival to buy new books every year.

FANS Network

FANS is an acronym for Friends, Allies, and Neighbors. The FANS network is our program that gets interested community members involved in supporting individuals with disabilities and finds opportunities for individuals to interact with community members in fun and meaningful ways.

Bucks Basketball and Special Olympics

Special Olympics is a fun way to meet friends, learn skills and stay in shape. HCBDD provides opportunities for athletes to train and compete in Bucks basketball and other sports. Athletes must have a current Special Olympic medical form on file with our office in order to participate.


Kind hearted people interested in helping are always needed!  Volunteers can assist in the classroom, our library, help with mailing... Whatever your interest, we will find a way to put your gifts and talents to work helping children and adults with developmental disabilities.  Call Miriam Miller at (330) 674-8045 to talk about opportunities.